My Terre Haute home today

I was in Terre Haute a couple weeks ago and, of course, drove by the house where I had my first apartment. I thought I’d share what the house looks like today. The apartment entrance is on the far left of the house, below.

I was disappointed to see that the house, currently for sale, needs care. Everything just looks rough around the edges.

My former home in Terre Haute

Neighborhoods sure do move on after you leave. My Collett Park neighborhood boasts several renovated, or at least nicely refreshed, homes alongside homes that have done nothing but deteriorate since I left. Several plain one-story homes have recently been built on the site of the Collett School a block or so away. They don’t fit the character of the neighborhood, and I’ll bet the surrounding older homes will still be standing when these new houses fall apart, but at least they look good for now.


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