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I’m always looking for good blogs written by everyday people, but many of the ones I’ve enjoyed hardly post anymore, and new ones are harder and harder to find. Could the personal blog’s golden era have waned?

My feed reader is as full as ever, but is now more full of posts written by people whose blogging is somehow tied to their livelihood. Those blogs are plenty interesting, but I miss the voices of people just sharing their hobbies, interests, passions, thoughts, and feelings.

Well-Written Personal Blogs

People with Something to Say



Road Trips

Historic Preservation


  • By Ken Levine – Stories of TV from the comedy writer behind several shows you know.
  • Live Apartment Fire – By a TV news reporter who’s in his fourth decade in the business.

Photography and Old Cameras

  • 52 Cameras in 52 Weeks – He shoots with a different old film camera every week.
  • 52 Rolls – One roll of film each week for a year.
  • Beacon 225 – A fellow old-camera collector and the photos he gets from his collection.
  • Blatherskite – Film photography and foolish gibberish.
  • Life, Edinburgh – Guerilla film photography. This dude makes his own cameras!
  • Photography and Vintage Cameras – He spends much of his time making photographs, usually with old film cameras.
  • Random Camera Blog – One man’s thoughts and activities in photography, camera collecting, current events, and photographic tips.
  • Shorpy – Really old photographs.

Faith and Christianity

  • Concert F – A blog about several topics, but I appreciate the faith posts the most.
  • Kingdom Seeking – An almost-daily update from a Church of Christ preacher.
  • Rob Bell – A blog about the Bible by the well-known writer and preacher.

21 February 2014


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