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Why won't this thing fire? ...Oh.I write about too many topics. But I post here six times a week. So if you like some of the topics I write about but not others, just hang on. I’ll get back around to you shortly.

I write about exploring and growing, but I cloak it a veneer of vintage cameras and photography, and of historic roads and the things spotted on them, because I’m interested in those things. Sometimes I write about faith, nature, and historic preservation. But sometimes I go transparent, writing as directly as I can about the road I’m on and what I’m learning.

I like reading blogs like that, so I write on faith that you will, too.

These posts will tell you exactly what this blog is about.

Cameras This page links to posts reviewing all of my vintage cameras.

The Michigan Road — I’ve written extensively about this 1830s Indiana road that connected the Ohio River to Lake Michigan.

The National Road — I’ve written even more extensively about this 1830s road that connects Cumberland, MD, to Vandalia, IL. You might know it by its modern name: US 40.

Bursting the nostalgia bubble — A story of a drive along an old, abandoned road, and how my fantasies about the simpler times they represented turned out not to be true.

Paul McCartney kind of saved my life once; he has no idea, of course — Well, he did.

The mechanics of forgiveness — Why forgive the wrongs you’ve suffered? For your own sanity.

Yes, Lord — God, please don’t put anything else on my plate; it’s too full already.

Three hundred square feet — I made my new normal in a tiny apartment after my wife said she didn’t want to be married to me anymore.

What the ice storm could have taught me about myself — The day I played hooky from work after an ice storm was so me.

I’m Jim Grey. I’m a Hoosier through and through. I’m in my late 40s, divorced, and raising teenage sons. I make software for a living (and infrequently blog about it over here). And I sometimes contribute to this site about old cars.

If you want to reach me directly, here’s a handy contact form. Your message will come straight to my e-mail inbox. I’ll respond to the e-mail address you type into the form.

10 October 2015


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